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In honor of our 2 year existence, take advantage of our PAY AS YOU GO Programs until Oct 31st!


Drop In $10
Week to Week Unlimited $30
Month 2 Month Unlimited $79
10 Pack - 3 months expiration $90


WSPY Mat and Towel $40 + tax

Mat Rental $1

Towel Rental $1

Water $1






Registration closes August 29th! $270 per month payment plan! August - April  2015



Wayland Square Power Yoga is a multi-disciplined Vinyasa Yoga Studio. 

Learn More About Our Vinyasa Practices



M o n d a y s



 Power Hour

with Lois Iannone 4:30 pm


T u e s d a y s



 Power Hour

with Anna DeFedele 4:30p



  Hot Vinyasa Hour
with Jon Pollock 6:15p



  Power Jamz with Music
with Zen Meservy 7:30p


W e d n e s d a y s



 Creative Flow ~ HOT

with Erica Douglass 7:30p

POWER  Strength & Flexibility 
VINYASA  Breath to Movement 
YOGA  Union


Yoga is a 5000+ year old practice to be experienced. It calms your mind while your body gets an amazingly powerful, yet nourishing and healing workout. By its very nature, Yoga has a multitude of “side effects” including lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, aches, pains and natural weight loss, while cultivating happiness and occasional outbursts of joy! Flexible mind, strong, toned body, nourished soul. Come to Wayland Square Power Yoga and experience this ancient practice for yourself.



T h u r s d a y s



with Sandie Gauthier


F r i d a y s



 Karma Comm
with Kathleen Medeiros 7:30p


S a t u r d a y s



 Power 101~ BASICS

with David Newton Parr 8:30a



u n d a y s



  CorePower Fusion ~ HOT with Music

with Lauren Abman 4:30p