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Elementary Yoga

with So and Jo!

Instructors : :
Sonig Doran Schiller & Joanna Braga

April 2nd through June 25th
Thursday afternoons 3:30-4:15pm
13 Sessions :: $130
Drop-In Session :: $15

We are very excited to announce our 13 week children's series beginning on April 2nd! Children will begin to learn & explore a basic vinyasa flow -- a series of poses that move with each inhale & exhale. In addition to this breath-movement work, your children will have the opportunity to develop both body & present-moment awareness in a positive & encouraging environment! Looking forward to many of your children joining us!



Handbalancing For Yogis
with Emile Sorger
Saturday, April 4th
Time : : 1 - 3pm
Price : : $35




The Universe Within

with Emile Sorger

Sunday, April 5th

Time : : 1 - 3pm

Price : : $35


Traditional yoga asana and pranayama practice, experience of fluidity, a fresh and renewed inspiration towards the practice!




UdaGuru Yoga, LLC Yoga Retreats

Michael Gannon,
The Yoga Dealer

October 12 - 17th, 2015

Yogaloft Playa del Carmen

Package includes 6 nights, 2 yoga practices per day with Gannon, 2 meals per day, 1 day excursion to Tulum, sweat lodge ceremony on Friday, full vinyasa practice Saturday morning, brunch after practice! Hotel accommodation details to come! $500 deposit to reserve your spot!







No refunds. No extensions.

No transfers.


Drop In $13

Week to Week Unlimited $35
1 Month Unlimited No Commitment $130
Month to Month Unlimited Auto Pay $85
12 Pack - 3 months expiration $100



Book 1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions.

Individual, Duets and Small Group rates are available upon request.

Gift Cards any amount!


POWER  Strength & Flexibility 
VINYASA  Breath to Movement 
YOGA  Union


Yoga is a 5000+ year old practice to be experienced. It calms your mind while your body gets an amazingly powerful, yet nourishing and healing workout. By its very nature, Yoga has a multitude of “side effects” including lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, aches, pains and natural weight loss, while cultivating happiness and occasional outbursts of joy! Flexible mind, strong, toned body, nourished soul. Come to Wayland Square Power Yoga and experience this ancient practice for yourself.



UdaGuru Yoga ~ College Hill Facebook Daily Class Schedule


Sharon Marie, Founder / Owner


Regularly Scheduled Classes with Sharon 

Mon 4:30p Power Hour UdaGuru

Mon 6:15p Power Vinyasa Flow WSPY

Tues 9:30a Ashtanga Fusion WSPY

Tues 4:30p Vinyasa Hour Mix UdaGuru

Tues 6:00p Ashtanga Vinyasa Hour UdaGuru

Thur 9:30a Power Vinyasa Flow WSPY

Fri 4:30p TGIF Vinyasa Hour WSPY

Sat 10:00a Ashtanga Vinyansa Mix UdaGuru


Always check the OnLine schedules for changes and updates! Thank You! Namaste



S a t u r d a



8:30a - 9:30a

Are you a beginner, seasoned practitioner, or just coming off an injury? Start here or begin again. All are welcome! Namaste.